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Advertising management is a planned managerial process designed to oversee and control the various advertising activities involved in a program to communicate with a firm’s target market and which is ultimately designed to influence the consumer’s purchase decisions.

Advertisments just one element in a company’s promotional mix and as such, must be integrated with the overall marketing communications program.

Advertising is, however, the most expensive of all the promotional elements and therefore must be managed with care and accountability.

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Marketers use different types of adverts.

Brand advertising is defined as a non-personal communication message placed in a paid, mass medium designed to persuade target consumers of a product or service benefits in an effort to induce them to make a purchase.

Corporate  refers to paid messages designed to that communicate the corporation’s values in an effort to influence public opinion.

Yet other types of advertising such as not-for-profit advertising and political advertising present special challenges that require different strategies and approaches.

 management is a complex process that involves making many layered decisions including the developing  strategies, setting an budget, setting  objectives, determining the target market, media strategy (which involves media planning), developing the message strategy and evaluating the overall effectiveness of the ad effort.)

Advertising management may also involve media buying. 

However, at its simplest level,  management can be reduced to four key decision areas:

Target audience definition: Who do we want to talk to?

Message (or creative) strategy: What do we want to say to them?

Media strategy: How will we reach them?

Measuring  effectiveness:

How do we know our messages were received in the form intended and with the desired outcomes?

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